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17 May 2023

Zombie Agreements – Employers must take action

Rebecca Crawford

Special Counsel

A mechanism to automatically terminate so-called “Zombie Agreements”, introduced in the Secure Jobs, Better Pay amendments to the Fair Work Act, will take effect on 7 December 2023.

Zombie Agreements are Enterprise Agreements or other collective agreements that were made before 1 January 2010 and continued to operate for the purposes of the Fair Work Act when it commenced.

The automatic expiration will happen on 7 December 2023 unless an application is made to the Fair Work Commission before 7 December 2023 to extend the default period for the agreement.

There is an additional deadline that employers need to be aware of under this amendment. Before 7 June 2023 Employers need to provide written notice to employees of the automatic expiration of Zombie Agreements on 7 December 2023. A failure to provide the written notice is a breach of a civil penalty provision.
Resources are available from the Fair Work Commission to assist employers to comply with the written notice requirement.

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