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With interstate and international experience, Adam has expertise in all areas provided by the Local Government, Planning & Development team, particularly planning law, including:

  • assistance with development applications, including making a representation to object to an application;
  • representing councils, developers and individuals in appeals to the Resource Management Planning Appeal Tribunal, including at mediation;
  • planning scheme amendments;
  • advising on the interpretation and application of planning schemes, including heritage provisions;
  • advising on the circumstances in which “pre-existing” use rights may exist; and
  • drafting agreements pursuant to Part 5 of the Land Use Planning and Approvals Act 1993.

Adam also focuses on enforcement within the full range of issues relating to local government, including:

  • assisting councils to enforce the requirements of their planning schemes;
  • issuing notices or prosecuting for breaches of:
    • building legislation, including issuing emergency orders,
    • urban drainage legislation;
    • legislation relating to the preparation of food and the protection of public health;
  • advising on requirements for animal control, including dangerous dog declarations;
  • issuing abatement notices in circumstances where a nuisance exists; and
  • representation and advice on enforcement options for environmental matters.

Adam’s professional experience includes the co-ordination of landmark Supreme Court litigation, and 4 years at the Environmental Defenders Office, which has enabled him to develop a thorough understanding of environmental law in Tasmania.

Adam regularly appears as counsel in the Resource Management and Planning Appeal Tribunal and the Tasmanian Planning Commission.

Adam is a member of the Law Society of Tasmania and sits on the Society’s Litigation Committee. Adam is a nationally accredited mediator.

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